Take a pause for a moment, consider this thought: "our lives are dominated by our bodies."

Perhaps it seems obvious. Without your body, there wouldn't be a "you" in this life.
Our existences are linked to a body, and this is a precious situation.

Therefore, it is important to be physically healthy: to exercise and to eat right; to get some sunshine and recreation; to release stress and share love.

However, the body can become the exclusive focus of one's attention and pursuits. It can become an unhealthy obsession, and this mindset can become a source of stress and tension.

We seem to place so many demands on our bodies, and if these are unfulfilled or the body changes, there can be troubles. This usually manifests as an endless pursuit of food, fashion, yoga, snow sliding, hair color, adrenaline, sex, surgery and other fountains of youth. If all of these are not exactly perfect, we are unsettled. We are bothered by attachment and aversion - liking one version of reality and not liking another.

In mindfulness, we cultivate an internal awareness, we investigate our internal landscapes. We develop awareness of not just the body, but also the mind.

And we start with this amazing body, especially the breath. We learn to become more quiet and still, and through stillness to shift our focus to the grey matter - the neural cells- the thoughts and emotions - the mind.

We become aware of our internal arisings. We learn to accept thoughts and feelings and then remember to see if they are sources of happiness or suffering. We learn to discern that which is wholesome and leads to further peace, from that which may be unconscious, unchallenged or unexamined - that which may cause us some trouble. We learn to disengage the autopilot of life.

We learn to shift towards a life that is not exclusively focused on the demands of the body. We learn to use this precious body not as a playground or amusement park, but to make it a cathedral of awesomeness. We learn to create a life that includes a deeper focus on love, kindness and peace - for ourselves and all others.

We unify our body and mind, with a compass pointed towards love. All thru the simple practice of mindfulness, familiarization with the internal journey.

Please join us at Synergy Wellness, Tuesday evening at 6:30 PM, to practice mindfulness.
The class is by donation only, and is made possible through the generosity of those who attend and the members of our community. Questions? 786-656-2618

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