We live in our own world of ideas, thoughts and feelings. Many are beautiful, some not so much.
It is easy to become deeply attached to certain ideas. Ideas about ourselves, our families and our needs. We may experience the desire to be stronger, better, faster - to achieve in some way. To be the best (or in some cases, the worst).
We may hold ideas of perfection, of the ideal life. This may be fueled by comparisons to others and self-rating. In a sense, we are slaves to these thoughts and feelings. Held in bondage.
All slavery is suffering. Are we slaves to our attachments? To the ideas of the good life? Of a perfect life? Then, we can be happy.
It's no fun being a slave. Fortunately, the situation we create has a remedy. Whew.
The reason for attachments and source of our desires can be investigated and understood, so that we can tease apart the beneficial thoughts from those that cause us stress, tension and dis-ease. We can learn to be more discerning in where we chose to dedicate our time, efforts and energies.
We begin by becoming aware of our various thoughts and feelings, by accepting that they are present and perhaps not very beneficial. And we remember to allow them to go - to fade away without action. To allow the space for living without attachment. This is mindfulness practice.
“The moment the slave resolves that he will no longer be a slave, his fetters fall. Freedom and slavery are mental states.” - Gandhi
Freedom for self. Freedom for others. Emancipation.
Join us for emancipation (mindfulness) practice, Tuesday evenings at Synergy Wellness in Avon at 6:30 PM. The class is possible through the generosity of your donations, and is open to all.
questions? 786-656-2618
Please feel free to share the opportunity with anyone who may be experiencing dis-ease.