Life's a Telenovella...and you are the head writer.

As a kid, we only had three TV channels, so I watched a fair share of General Hospital (remember Luke and Laura?) and All My Children (we called it "kids"). These were great entertainment.

However, modern shows on Univision and Telemundo leave them in the dust. Even though my Spanish is marginal, I love these shows. They are 100% drama. Correction, 110% drama. A full hour of suspense, conflict and passion, interspersed with desire for consumer products. Nothing but tension and release, tension and release - a symphony of drama.

Did you know that you have a great career option, as a writer of soap operas on Telemundo? Yup, you do.

Seriously. We all have the tendency to get lost in stories and dramas. Driven by emotion, our reason is lost and we invent the goofiest and most destructive stories imaginable. These end up informing, and at times wrecking our lovely & limitless potential. Anger, fear, sadness, jealousy, guilt and pride - all mental aspects of the protagonist in our life.

However: "You don't have to believe everything you think."

In mindfulness practice, we learn the truth of this statement.
We learn to look thru the arisings that have the potential to disturb our lives.
We learn to breathe thru physical sensations without getting involved in the drama of pain.
We learn to breathe thru mental arisings without getting involved in the drama of emotions and the tendency to blame others.
We learn to see thru the self-written dramatic script, to release the habitual negative tendencies and to write a love story.
A real love story in which we are absolutely in love with the entire world and all its inhabitants.

Sounds irrational? "How could I possibly love everyone, especially (blank)."

Bring your (blank) tonight, and find out. Or cherish the role of drama queen: ruler of a big old truck load of illusion and fabrication and pain.

You have a choice. You don't have to believe everything you think....

Mindfulness Meditation. Lose the drama.
Tonight, 6:30PM, Synergy Wellness in Avon.
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