We are delighted to announce that our class will continue this Tuesday, Feb 3rd.
This will be the new regular night for the foreseeable future.

The class will remain at Synergy Center for Wellness in Avon. Synergy is on the ground level of the Sheraton at 160 West Beaver Creek Boulevard, Avon, CO 81620

We will start at 6:30 PM. This is to allow people who are working during the day ample time to travel to Synergy. We will meet for 90 minutes - giving us time to cover the topics in more depth.

We will have some guided meditation practice and exploration of meditation and its application to our lives, so me may all live more rationally and joyfully with mindfulness.

The meetings will be structured in 8-week "classes." The intention is to allow a focused topic for our meetings. The initial topic for the first two months/eight weeks will be: "The Best Medicine - An Introduction to Mindfulness."

Overcoming depression will be the focus of our next meeting. We may also re-visit guilt, anger and anxiety in the coming weeks, as we have much more to talk about - especially the mechanism for re-wiring our brains to remove these instances of unclear thinking.

Questions, please call (786) 656-2618.